Ok, whilst i search for a design that is more suited to my music I thought I would put a little more effort into my website!

At the beginning of August, Silva Screen Records released the challenge of remixing the Utopia – Overture track (the theme tune). Well it was too good an opportunity to miss so I decided to take up the challenge.
Now if you listen to the original track and even watch the series you can appreciate that it is dark, spooky and just a little out there. I wanted to flip the sound on its head and give it a more up beat feel, sort of the opposite of what the track is. I worked very hard on coming up with a melody that would do the track justice and give that uplifting feel to the track and here is the result:

Silva Screen Records put it on their favorites list which is an amazing feeling to be even considered for the favourites list.

There are many other great remixes on there and I think you should have a listen to each unique take on the track 😉